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Posted on November 29, 2016 13:09

Beginning on June 11 th and continuing until the end of November, we have the longest of the

various liturgical seasons: Trinity or Trinitytide, known by many denominations as “Ordinary”

time. The first half of the Church year begins with Advent and is followed by Christmas,

Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Ascension, and finally Pentecost. During all this time, the Church has

made us remember with thankful hearts those unspeakable benefits we receive from the

Father, first by His Son, and then by His Holy Spirit. This part of the Christian year concludes

on Trinity Sunday when the Church gives praise and glory to the whole Trinity, three persons

in One God. As we begin this second half of the Church year, we are encouraged to conform

our lives to the truth we have seen in the first half of the year. As Christians, we are not only

to know that our salvation is in Jesus Christ, but we ourselves must become like him. The

emphasis, therefore, during the Trinity season, is on the transformation of our life by and

through the love of God.

Like all liturgical seasons, Trinity has its own distinct color. Whereas violet (purple) is used for

penitential season such as Advent and Lent, or White during Christmas and Easter, Trinity

vestments and altar paraments are Green, which is described the Church as a “neutral” color.

Throughout the Trinity season, many Prayer Book Holy Days as well as Ordo Holy Days will

be celebrated. Please watch your weekly-email updates and the Sunday printed bulletin for

Mass times.