But our Lord Jesus has assured us that our physical death is merely a transition to the Gates of Larger Life. In the event of a death or when death is near, Fr. Nick is available to meet day or night. 

The 24/7 emergency number is 706-254-2572.

Although a stipend may be offered, there is never a fee for the services of the priest to come to the home or for any visitation or burial services. Non-Church members will be charged a fee for the use of the church building/parish hall, and the use of the parish organist. Only ACC clergy may officiate unless waived by the rector.

Saint Stephen’s Cemetery & Cremation

For members and their families, St. Stephen's also has a cemetery for cremations on the church property, entered through the beautiful Lych Gate opposite the church.

Traditionally, life begins at Church in the waters of Baptism, and for centuries ended with burial in the parish churchyard. Few modern church facilities these days have the luxury of space in which to inter full body remains (i.e. casket, vault, etc.). Thus, cremation followed by placement in a churchyard or columbarium is common. The subject of cremation has often been disputed amongst Christians. For many, the idea of a traditional full body burial is preferred. But as funeral costs continue to rise, cremation, it seems, is the more logical choice.

For information on cremation burials in St. Stephen's cemetery, contact the church office.