About St. Stephens Church

Saint Stephen’s is a parish of the Anglican Catholic Church, a world-wide denomination of “continuing” Anglicans. By “continuing” we mean Anglican Christians that have “continued” the “faith once delivered.” We are often referred to as “conservative”, but we are actually not. We are orthodox Christians that believe that which God has revealed since the creation of man has remained the same. Thus, although social norms and customs may change, the Church remains unchanged. A great way to describe us is “An unchanging Church in an ever changing world.” That might seem strange in this present day, but our Lord reminds us that although we must live in the world, we are not to conform to it.

As a “traditional” parish, we use the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, King James version of the Bible, and 1940 Hymnal as our standards of worship. This means that at any ACC parish you might attend anywhere in the world, the service will be almost identical.

Saint Stephen’s is a loving, welcoming community of folks from all walks of life. We are often described as a “spiritual melting pot” as our members originally came from a variety of denominations including Roman Catholic, Episcopal, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, and many with Jewish backgrounds. What unites us is a desire for Biblical teaching/preaching, traditional liturgical worship, and adherence to solid moral principles.

In addition to Sunday and weekday worship, multiple opportunities for Bible study and other instruction, there are numerous organizations within the parish that offer venues for service and fellowship. These include monthly Men’s Dinners and Women’s Groups, Cub Scouts, Choir, Altar Guild, Flower Guild, Acolytes and Lay Readers, just to name a few. We also support our foreign missions and the “ARK” our local social service agency.

This site contains multiple pages with further details on our beliefs, style of worship, and contact information. We encourage you to read through our entire site. Chances are, your questions will be answered. We also encourage you to call or stop by the Church office for additional information. Of course, the best way to get to know us is to join us for Sunday worship and fellowship!

We Welcome You to St. Stephen’s!