Organizations Supported by St. Stephen's

St. Stephen's is grateful for the opportunity to support a wide range of organizations, both within our community and around the world. 

St. Stephen's parishioners are regular contributors to the St. Paul Mission Society. Based in the US, the main focus of the SPMS is in the developing world. The generosity of those who donate has helped thousands with food, shelter, and clothing in places ranging from Haiti to Pakistan, and from the Philippines to Sudan. The good works of the Society are accompanied by the Good News of Christ. On the domestic front, the SPMS helps sponsor activities such as the Anglican Youth Work Camp, a service project where young people from parishes across the United States come together to build and repair homes for people in need. The domestic mission is also charged with assisting in the process of planting and supporting of new parishes in Canada and the US. For more information about the work of the SPMS, visit HERE.