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Trinity Season

Posted on June 06, 2021

We are currently in the longest season of the Church year, the Trinity season, often referred to as Trinitytide. Trinity Sunday began the season as the last of the three “Big” Feasts following Easter, the other two being Ascension Sunday and Pentecost (Whitsunday).

Most notable during Trinity is the color Green. Whereas Other seasons such as Lent and Advent are immediately recognizable as penitential in character due to the “violet” or “purple” color of the vestments, the “Green” is a sort of default color that will be with us throughout the summer and fall until we arrive once again at Advent.

If you are attending St. Stephen’s, in fact, any of our churches during the summer months especially, you’ll notice a slightly less formal routine. Several prominent feasts will be celebrated during this time on weekdays and Sundays. Please stay in touch through this site and our weekly e-bulletins and Sunday printed bulletins for updates on worship schedules and parish activities.

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