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Come and Experience The Stations of the Cross

Posted on February 21, 2021

Each Friday during Lent at 11:15 a.m. a special devotion is offered known as “The Stations of the Cross” or “Way of the Cross.” We hope you will join is in this devotion.

From the earliest times Christians flocked to the Holy Land to visit the places sanctified by the events in our Lord’s earthly life. Especially popular was the pilgrimage along the path our Lord took on the first Good Friday. In procession, the pilgrims would stop at each “station” for prayer and meditation at the various traditional points where special events took place. Replicas of “The Stations” were soon set up inside churches along the walls or in outer gardens where folks could follow the same path our Lord took.

The Fourteen Stations at St. Stephen’s adorn the side and back walls of the church. The first station begins with Our Lord’s arrest & trial, and ends at the fourteenth station when He is laid in the tomb. The priest and people pause at each station to recite Scripture, say a series of prayers, and meditate on the particular event. It is an excellent spiritual exercise for meditating upon our Lord’s Passion.

Stations of the Cross booklets are at the doors of the church and can also be found on page 160 of the Saint Augustine’s Prayer Book.

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