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Special Lenten Study

Posted on February 02, 2016

Beginning February 14 at 10:00 a.m. and continuing each Sunday during Lent, please join us for a special Lenten study. Each week will focus on various Lenten practices as paths to holiness.

  • February 14 - The Glory of These Forty Days  -  a history of Lent, customs, expectations and goalsetting
  • February 21 - Prayer  -  the importance of prayer during our Lenten journey, including "how" to pray
  • February 28 - Fasting  -  our Lord's command and the teaching of the Church
  • March 6 - Penance  -  true contrition and a firm purpose of amendment
  • March 13 - Holiness  -  am I the person Jesus wants ME to be?

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